SMB Inline

The SMB range of strapping devices includes the fully automatic ‘SMB INLINE’ cross strapping system for the graphic industry. This is able to perform cross strapping without product turning with a capacity up to 32 bundles per minute.

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SMB Inline
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Since 1987, SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH has concentrated exclusively on the manufacturing of strapping technology in the field of narrow plastic strapping for processing of non-metallic straps with a width of up to 12 mm. Their beginnings lay in the graphic industry, more specifically in the extremely demanding field of newspaper production. Due to high levels of reliability, longevity and efficiency, they have created an excellent reputation and the market position as a leading manufacturer of high-performance strapping machines. Over the years, SMB has continuously extended their product portfolio and with the help of their modular product range, are able to offer suitable strapping solutions for a variety of products in the most diverse business sectors.