Tolerans Thumbindexing

A new, revolutionary feature for the newspaper publishing industry - allowing for quicker direct access to inside newspaper sections. Thumb-indexed catalogues and dictionaries have been appreciated for a long time, and now Tolerans has developed a puncher in the SPEEDLINER in-line ribbon stitching machine that allows newspapers to be indexed as well. Each section can be pulled out with ease, which solves the traditional concern of having to ‘shake’ tabloid-sized newspapers to find a certain section inside.

Tolerans Logo

Tolerans AB is the global leader in advanced in-line stitching systems for newspaper and commercial print. Since 1947 the Swedish company has installed stitching systems in more than 70 countries.

Stitching supports the global trend towards the compact newspaper format. It makes newspapers and commercial print easy to navigate, empowers portability, extends lifetime and secures recycling. Stitching provides better packaging of supplements and increases value for readers and advertisers.